Renewed: ABC confirms more Janet King, Dr. Blake, Jack Irish, Rake & The Code

Exclusive: ABC confirms the return of 5 much-loved drama series and stars.


EXCLUSIVE: After a tumultuous week for the ABC week at last some good news, courtesy of its Drama department.

ABC has announced a renewal for Janet King and officially confirmed the return of The Doctor Blake Mysteries and Rake. Previously announced titles The Code and Jack Irish are also back in production this year.

Favourite stars are also returning including Marta Dusseldorp in a second series of Janet King, Richard Roxburgh for a fourth series of Rake and Guy Pearce now in a new six-part series based on the books of Peter Temple in Jack Irish: The Series.

Craig McLachlan is also back for a fourth turn as Dr Lucien Blake while Dan Spielman and Ashley Zuckerman both return for the second instalment of The Code.


Carole Sklan, ABC Head of Fiction says: “ABC TV is very happy to be able to bring back this collection of hugely entertaining, favourite dramas. They feature such a wonderful, eclectic mix of indelible characters.”

Brendan Dahill, ABC Head of Programming says: “This sensational line-up of proven drama titles further cements ABC’s commitment to telling challenging, authentic and entertaining Australian stories. We’re thrilled to continue working with such sterling talent and creative teams to produce quality drama that our audiences love.”


Janet King: Series 2 commences filming in October. A Screentime production.
Executive Producer Greg Haddrick, Series Producer Karl Zwicky, Producer Lisa Scott. (8 x 60min)

Rake: Series 4 commences filming in September. Produced by Essential Media and Blow by Blow. Producers Ian Collie, Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh (8 x 60min)


Jack Irish: The Series commences filming in August. An Essential Media & Entertainment production. Producers Ian Collie and Andrew Knight. (6 x 60min)

The Doctor Blake Mysteries: Series 4 commences filming in September. A December Media production. Executive Producer Tony Wright. Produced by GeorgeAdams. (8 x 60min)

The Code: Series 2 commences filming in August. A Playmaker production. Created by Shelley Birse, Producers David Maher, David Taylor, Di Haddon, Shelley Birse. (6 x 60min).


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  1. I am shocked about Rake. I was sure they said that last season was it for the show and that was the finale. Did I dream that? I love that show. I felt like the American version was so bad and lost all the charm in the translation.

  2. Clearly I’m in the minority here but these shows are all pretty dull and predictable. Marta Dusseldorp has zero charisma and The Code was frenetic but meaningless. Even Rake which is by far the best written of a very mediocre lot has really had its day. I don’t think challenging could ever be a word used for this lot. The writing is barely above soap drama and it does seem ABC drama is lacking freshness and ambition and outstanding writing talent. It really is time to retire them. Thank God for Netflix and the Scandinavian dramas on SBS. These set a standard that nobody at the ABC seems to aspire to.

  3. Excellent news for Janet King and Rake… 2016 is shaping up as a good year for ABC drama! I must say Marta Dusseldorp is one of the most wanted actresses at the moment… she is one of the best in my opinion… authentic in every role. Lets hope the supporting cast for both these shows return as well!

    1. It does look a lot like 2014 plus The Code.

      Rake season 3 was largely a jumble of sketches without much purpose. Not sure it needs another season.

  4. Very happy about Janet King. I knew the ABC wanted more but Dusseldorp’s schedule was pretty full. Mixed feelings about Rake. Season 2 was wonderful but last season disappointed me.

    1. I am hoping they haven’t ended it as well. Seemed a bit that way at the last final. But they can easily slot it all into another series.

  5. Excellent I loved Janet King, I am glad it will make it to a second season. Also glad about Dr Blake. I felt Rake had ended and am not sure about another season. However Well Done ABC on making great drama 🙂

    1. I don’t know who the episode writers are for each of these projects but I don’t believe there is any doubling up by Peter Duncan, Shelley Birse, George Adams, or Andrew Knight. They are so busy running these projects there usually isn’t time for them to jump to others until these are done.

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