Screen: June 4


This week on Screen, Graeme Blundell gives one review 2 stars, after apparently planning to give it 3 .

“I’m only giving it 2 stars. I’ve gone off it listening to you!” he tells Margaret Pomeranz.

This week’s reviews:

Last Cab to Darwin, featuring Michael Caton & Jacki Weaver interview Jeremy Sims
Slow West
When the Queen Came to Town
Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: Episode 2 (Matt Lucas)
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

8pm tonight on Foxtel Arts.


  1. FTA is the majority of TV viewing, has extensive promotion, Foxtel customers as always going to watch it. So there is no point in pretending it doesn’t exist and if Screen is a valuable service it will keep subscribers happy.

    Reviewing Netflix shows, which customers mightn’t have, and tempting people to subscribe to a rival service is likely to lead to fewer Presto and Foxtel subscriptions. FTA are not likely to promote Foxtel content because Foxtel subscribers watch less FTA live.

  2. I’m really enjoying Screen and the Foxtel Arts channel. I have seen more variety in programming – Opera, Symphony, Painting, Sculpture, Theater, Dance – in the last month, than all the previous arts channels – Ovation, Studio – combined.

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