Peep Show ready for final season

Peep Show star David Mitchell has posted a photo from the last-ever read-through of the UK comedy ahead of its ninth season.

“I promise I will shave before we start shooting,” he noted.

In the photo he is seen with co-star Robert Webb, who plays Jez Usborne, as well as Paterson Joseph (Alan Johnson) and Matt King (Super Hans).

The show’s final season was announced last November because “the premise won’t sustain another ten years”.

It was recently rumoured that a US remake, twice attempted in the past, could be back on the cards.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. It wasn’t until I read the linked article that I realised Mitchell & Webb weren’t the creators/writers of ‘Peep Show’. I really should pay more attention to opening credits [but, to be fair, I only had twelve years to notice].

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