Dancing with the Stars to conclude early


EXCLUSIVE: Seven is set to wrap Dancing with the Stars earlier than originally scheduled.

TV Tonight understands it will now conclude with a Monday night grand final on September 7th -the first Monday episode in its 15 seasons- and 6 days earlier than its original date of Sunday 13th.

This season has hit new lows, down to 673,000 viewers and also featured its first ‘double elimination.’

Former host Daniel MacPherson recently defended his successor Shane Bourne, but the show has been up against Nine’s Voice as well as attracting some comment over shunting its Live band off camera for the first time in 14 seasons.

But moving the grand final amid under-performing numbers is also strategic and will enable Seven to draw upon its ‘Super September’ events including The X Factor, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door and 800 Words.


  1. DWTS they need something on Monday to get people back watching before The X Factor starts, and presumably they have something else they can show on the Sunday.

  2. Agree with peejaybee, channel 9 would not like to think that 7 had a head start on the September programmes, so have to copy, don’t seem to have any original ideas of their own these days.

  3. I think the Australian version lacks the glitz and extravagance of the US version. The selection of celebrities this year also wasn’t very strong and I find it odd they go on about how much Larry has improved etc when I really don’t see it – he looks terrible!

  4. spectrum warrior

    Dancing with the stars without stars should be called just “dancing”. It was a feeble attempt by ch7 and they should of “rested” the show for an indefinite period.

  5. Shane doesnt make a good host sadly, but it is still a good format when done right. Wrapping early is probably a good idea to hit the reset button on their new shows. Will this be the last DWTS?

    • Outlook would not be good, unless you can bring back enough big guns for a “Champions” season. Seven did not announce this season at its last Upfronts despite it being such a tentpole, so I would not expect any clarity anytime soon.

      • Terrible programming move airing it against The Voice and earlier in the year. It was doing decent numbers when they moved it to the end of the year and up against far less competition. I do think there is still a place for it but only in the last quarter of the year.

  6. So, eps next Sunday and Monday. Or a are they cutting an episode altogether and have 4 in the final?
    I really like DWTS, but this has been a poor season. Shane Bourne has been a backward step after Dan, the judging panel lacks energy since Bruno left and the calibre of, particularly the female, celebs has been poor.

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