Doctor Who unconfirmed for 2016


UK reports are speculating whether Doctor Who will be on the cards for 2016.

A report suggests the decision comes from an ongoing tussle between the BBC and showrunner Steven Moffat, who is under pressure from the corporation to stand down from Doctor Who and commit his time to Sherlock, instead of attempting to manage both.

The report says that there is no “full” series planned, leaving the potential open for a series of specials. The series is set for a 10th season but when and how is unconfirmed.

“It’s too early to confirm the schedule for future series at this point, but the new series starts on Saturday, September 19,” a BBC spokesperson said.

Sherlock will premiere on Stan in later this year.

Source: io9, Digital Spy


  1. The scripts for Sherlock definitely suffered in S3 when Moffat took over as showrunner for Doctor Who.
    I liked the last season of Doctor Who, less of the cartoon saving the world stuff, better stories and characters.

  2. I hated when they did this before about 5-6 years ago, just before Matt Smith took over as the Doctor. So long between specials it was a tough time for fans. I know it’s an expensive show but it’s about the best thing the BBC has at the moment so I hope they sort things out and we get some proper length season in 2016 and beyond.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    I gave up on Moffat’s bollocks ages ago. Doctor Who is now like one of those cartoon series of giant robots or super-powered kiddies (or marvel superhero movies) where it’s the same plot every time papered over with flashing lights and explosions.

  4. I hope Steven Moffat does move exclusively to Sherlock. He’s been killing Doctor Who. Hopefully a new show runner can clean up the mess and get back on track. No more convoluted “timey-whimey” nonsense and retire Clara so the new Doctor can actually have a chance to star in his own show for a while!

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