1. I’m the opposite of most posters – I tried 800 Words last night (missed last week because I was at a function) and I just found it cringeworthy. I like Erik Thomson but think this is pretty weak work from him. Not a lot of depth to the characters for me. Funny how opinions can be so different!!

    Enjoying X Factor but the advertising was a little ridiculous “the most surprising tv twist this decade” – hyperbole much?! Which is a shame, because the show doesn’t need the over-dramatising.

  2. watched 800W was not as good as last week, but still enjoyable. I was one of many who jumped off the TBL bandwagon and watched the 5 Seat Chall on XF

    Thought XF would be horrible this year but so far so good. I skipped the auditions episodes though.

    • Yes, am loving 800 Words – some great characters.
      Erik Thompson is perfect in this role and the actress playing the daughter is very good as well.
      I’m sure that many living in small, “out of the way” towns can definitely relate.

      Best local drama (besides Puberty Blues), for a long time.
      Glad to see viewers have embraced it.

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