Industry gathers to support Glenn Wheeler

Seven, Nine, TEN & ABC come together to support Morning Show's Glenn Wheeler.


Presenters, news crews and staff from Seven, Nine, TEN, ABC, 2UE, 2GB, Fairfax and News Corp gathered in Sydney for a “Journo Jam” benefit to support Glenn Wheeler, who is currently recovering from his near-fatal accident earlier this year.

The Morning Show regular is on a long path to recovery for brain damage, but was in everyone’s thoughts at The Star, in the fundraiser hosted by Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur.


On Instagram Larry Emdur said: “He can still hug like a bear .. 7 months ago our dear dear colleague and friend Glenn Wheeler was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident , his recovery has been slow and complicated but he’s moving forward. Tmrw night, despite us all being involved in one of the fiercest network ratings battles in TV history , all the networks are getting together for a huge night to support Glenn. In an industry that some say lacks depth and heart this is an incredible show of love and support for one of our own that’s above any network politics or contractual obligations. So proud of our media mates … ”

In an emotional video recorded for the event Wheeler thanked Seven, 2UE, 2GB and his supporters.

“Thank you everybody collectively for the fabulous support that I have had … that this little black duck has had. It hasn’t been easy, I’ve had my tough times, but yes I’ve nearly been to death and back, but I tell you what it [the support] has been fantastic … to all the people involved, you are amazing. One thing’s for sure, when it happens once it can happen again and it could happen to you … and if it does I hope that I can chip in and support you,” he said.

Morning Show exec producer Sarah Stinson recently told TV Tonight, “The financial impact is heavy but it’s really important that Glenn and his family is shown how loved he is.

“Glenn is a guy who would host anything. If there was a sick butterfly foundation he’d put up his hand to host it.”

Today Glenn Wheeler will speak to The Morning Show for the first time since his accident in January.

Best wishes, Glenn!

Source: Fairfax, Twitter, Instagram

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  1. Yes what a wonderful show of support for Glenn. Huge congrats to Sarah Stinson and her team and Di Glasson from The Star who offered the venue, food and – (most bravely with a room packed with thirsty journos) – the drinks that flowed through the night.

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