Upcoming titles on Stan

Stan has revealed some of its new and returning titles over the coming months.


Stan has revealed some of its new and returning titles over the coming months.

The roll-call includes local production No Activity, starring Patrick Brammall and Darren Gilshenan.

All 24 James Bond films September 30
iZombie October 6
Ash vs Evil Dead October 31
No Activity October
Flesh and Bone early November
Transparent early December
Sherlock Christmas
Mozart in the Jungle January
Better Call Saul February

TV Tonight understands there are more exclusive titles yet to be announced.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the second season of Mozart – I absolutely loved the first. Still need to take a look at UnReal, iZombie and Better Call Saul – been wayyy too much on lately (my PVR is flooded).
    @ David – it is Mozart in the Jungle not Mozart of the Jungle.

    1. Yeah agree Josh. Looking forward to Mozart 2nd season too. Also wondering when Stan will show the 2nd season of Alpha House (I suppose I should e-mail them!).
      UnReal and Better Call Saul were great. iZombie – is just Veronica Mars with a twist (even has the voice overs etc.)…and not as good (IMO)….although I am only up to about the 4th episode, so hopefully it improves.
      I can also recommend ‘Power’ (warning – frequent language and nudity).

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