Beamly to shut down second-screen app


Second-screen app Beamly, formerly known as Zeebox, is to close its app next week after being acquired by New York based beauty products company, Coty, Inc. last week.

Beamly, which closed its Australian operations in August and entered voluntary administration, remains operational in New York and London. The second-screen app launched with some fanfare as Zeebox in November 2012, partnering with TEN and Foxtel. It offered TV “chat rooms” and news via phones and tablets.

From Monday it will discontinue its apps and function as a global entertainment website, in TV, Film, Celeb, Style and Culture.

In news to its subscribers it advises, “Beamly will continue to be your go¬≠-to destination for up to the minute news and opinion on TV, celebs, fashion, entertainment. Our latest website, launched last week including moving away from TV Rooms, profile pages and TV chat pages, on both the web and in the apps, allowing us to give centre stage to our own original stories. We hope that you will enjoy all our improvements.”

In August TEN indicated it would integrate elements of the Beamly platform into tenplay.Seven also phased out Fango as a stand alone app to focus on PLUS7, while Nine expanded its JumpIn app to a broader 9jump-in platform.

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  1. Armchair Analyst

    These two viewer apps were kind of pointless considering the proliferation of Twitter and the usage of it whilst people watch tv. Encouraging audiences to communicate about their favourite tv shows is great however they should have just stuck to twitter.

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