Seven to produce kid’s TV for CBeebies


Seven’s UK production arm 7 Wonder has been commissioned to produce a new 25-part series for CBeebies.

Do You Know? will explore how everyday things around kids are made. Technology vlogger Maddie Moate will embrace preschoolers’ inquisitive thirst for knowledge and explore topics that children are excited about learning.

Julia Bond, executive producer at CBeebies, says: “We’re thrilled to be in production on this exciting new series. Do You Know? explores the workings of everyday objects all around us. By looking at how things work and how things are made, our audience will get an understanding of the world around them from a new perspective.”

Sarah Trigg, executive producer at 7 Wonder, adds: “There is nothing out there really that is set so firmly in the real world and unpacking so much surprising detail for this age group. We are always seeking to broaden our creative output into new sectors, and this, our first commission with CBeebies, is a direct reflection of that ambition as our first venture into kids TV.”

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