Three docos in Screen Australia funding


Three upcoming Documentaries are set to receive funding as part of Screen Australia’s Documentary Producer Program.

The subjects include Indigenous families (for NITV), Australian comedy history (ABC) and Hollywood star Rod Taylor (Foxtel).

Family Rules
6 x 30 mins
Metamorflix Pty Ltd
Producer Gillian Moody
Executive Producers Renee Kennedy, Karla Hart
Director Karla Hart
Writer Dena Curtis
Broadcaster NITV
Synopsis A documentary series tackling the stereotypes of Indigenous Australia through the prism of one unique urban Aboriginal family – in their household family rules!

Rod Taylor: Pulling No Punches
75 mins
Lowlands Media Pty Ltd
Producers Robert de Young, Stephan Wellink
Executive Producer Alan Finney
Director Robert de Young
Writer Dena Curtis
Broadcaster Foxtel HD Arts
Synopsis Australian actor Rod Taylor was a versatile and popular leading man, equally adept at romantic comedy, adventure and dramatic roles, and his rugged on-screen and off-screen persona created a brand of Australian masculinity now evident in the work of actors such as Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe and Sam Worthington.

Stop Laughing. This is Serious (Series 2)
3 x 56 mins
Screentime Pty Ltd
Producers Craig Anderson, Ruth Cullen
Executive Producer Jennifer Collins
Broadcaster ABC TV
Synopsis Stop Laughing…This Is Serious (Series 2) is a three part documentary series that continues the story of Australian comedy, delving into the defining moments that have helped to shape our comedic voice of today.

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