Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: Feb 10

This week Rebel Wilson takes Julia Zemiro back to her first home in Castle Hill.


This week on Home Delivery Rebel Wilson takes Julia Zemiro back to her childhood, her first home and her high school, kicking off in Castle Hill.

Rebel Wilson first came to our attention with her stage show The Westie Monologues, continuing her celebration of her Western Sydney roots with Fat Pizza and Bogan Pride. Hollywood beckoned; the rest is history in the making.

On the drive to Rebel’s childhood home, we pass the cinema complex she worked in as a teenager. Outside her Castle Hill home, she recalls saving her brother from drowning in the backyard pool. It was an unusual childhood – her parents ran a pet care business and Rebel and her siblings spent most of their weekends travelling with them to dog shows. Rebel made money by setting up her own stall selling drinks and sweets at the shows.

Julia and Rebel drive to the Castle Hill showground to meet Rebel’s delightful mum, Susan, who has brought along some prize beagles to show. Susan hasn’t ever spoken publicly before, but fondly recalls Rebel as a bright, determined youngster with a whip- smart wit and an entrepreneurial flair.

On the way to Tara Anglican School, Rebel suggests they drop in on her grandparents. They talk about travelling to Disneyland with Rebel and how grounded she remains despite her profile.

At the school, Rebel tells Julia how she was ostracised by the cool group and spent Year 7 as a ‘Nigel no friends’ in the library. She was a strong student, but very shy. After reading a psychology article, Rebel resolved to change and quickly became one of the schools most popular students. They visit the room that Rebel boarded in Year 12, and the theatre she used to sneak into to perform whole musicals on her own.

In the final conversation, Rebel talks about her career since leaving Tara, dealing with criticism, the influence of her family and her hope to play more dramatic roles in the future.

9pm Wednesday on ABC.

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