“Watch this space.” Dawn French teases Vicar of Dibley return.

A potential promotion from vicar to bishop has Dawn French musing on frocking up once more.


A revival for The Vicar of Dibley? Networks can only hope star Dawn French was serious when asked about what remains an incredibly popular UK comedy.

Asked about the chances of bringing the series back, the 58-year-old said: “You know we now have Church law in the UK that women could be Bishops, so who knows?

“Watch this space — she might get a promotion!”

French last frocked up for the UK’s Comic Relief charity event in 2015 alongside Emma Watson, Jennifer Saunders and Richard Ayoade.

But any new version as a female Bishop would also entail a new cast.

“Our old guys are really old now, so I don’t think we could revisit it, because it’s just too different. But it could change,” she suggested.

Source: Mirror

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  1. I heard her discussing this question briefly somewhere and was surprised she simply referred to the old guys being “…really old now”. Yes, yes. I know we all know she’s quite aware that Roger Lloyd Pack has left us, but it seemed odd. As like any well received and much loved brit com before it, without all the original cast being present, it seems pointless. Prior to Richard Briers and Paul Eddington passing, I always dreamed of The Good Life reunion. A one off ubiquitous BBC Christmas special, all these years later – a few years ago I may add. When main cast are no longer here to revisit the wonderful roles we remember them for, to go on with the show seems to make their glimmer slightly less bright. Im sure others would feel the same way. If the whole gangs not there, then why bother.

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