Dami Im sings Sound of Silence for Eurovision

SBS has unveiled Sound of Silence, the song that Dami Im will perform as Australia’s 2016 entry into the Eurovision Song Contest.

The mid-tempo song was revealed in part last night on SBS 2’s The Feed.

It was written David Musumeci and Anthony Egizii of DNA Songs who wrote her X Factor winning single “Alive” and songs for Ricky Martin, Jessica Mauboy, Nathaniel, Delta Goodrem, Timomatic and The Veronicas.

Sound of Silence is about feelings of nostalgia, distance and missing the one you love. It’s about how chasing your dreams can sweep you up in a wild rollercoaster ride and take you away from those closest to you. It explores the irony in how the ride can lose its lustre if you can’t share it with the person you love the most,” they said.

“It’s an absolute privilege and delight to have Dami Im sing our song to represent Australia, and share the stage that brought us superstars such as ABBA and Celine Dion. To have our song received on such a world stage is a dream come true.”

“The first time I heard Sound of Silence I knew it was the perfect song for me to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest,” said Dami Im.

“There are many ways to interpret the meaning around a song, but one theme that I relate to in Sound of Silence is that of disconnection and being away from the people in my life that I love. We live in a world where it is easy to be connected every minute of the day but along with this connection you can feel alone and isolated. I can’t wait to perform it live in Stockholm and connect with a whole new audience.”

Paul Clarke, Australian Head of Delegation and Director of Blink TV said, “Sound of Silence is a cracker of a song and it was wonderful to work closely with David and Anthony from DNA. It really plays to Dami’s vulnerability in the verses and shows her awesome vocal power in the chorus. It’s a perfect song to create something eye-catching for the Eurovision stage with dramatic staging and lighting. That’s all underway, and it’s getting very exciting.”

Eurovision takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, in May.

Australia competes in the second semi-final.


  1. When the song started I thought it was Delta Goddrem singing. As for the song, it started out good, but falls into the trap of all modern songs in repeating the same lyrics to fill in time. Also there is already a sound of silence song, do we really need another one with the same title.

  2. not happy, a good eurovision song should have instant appeal either with big notes and keychanges or gimmicks. i found that very forgettable, I love Dami so much but her music since The X factor has been so bad, I thought this would be a good chance for her to relaunch her career with some better quality songs from a better quality producer, disapointing to see the song come from a reality show music manufacturer.
    pressure is on the staging now.

  3. Wonderful song choice, a great contender for Top 5! It’s a little Sia-esque which I like, and very popular in Europe at the moment.
    Re: Sweden, their final 8 compete this weekend and there are some very strong contenders in the Melodifestivalen final! Can they go back to back? Has it been done before? Samir and Viktor and Frans are faves

    • I didn’t mind it. Question is do you go in with a typical Eurovision song and risk being washed out, or do you take a risk with something left of centre? No rules, it’s been won by both at various times and it depends a lot on the staging. Dami’s ethnicity will also make her memorable in Europe. Will be keen to see the bookies odds, they are usually close.

      • I just closed my eyes and listens,I must totally agree whilst loving the song(can see me playing this at sleepy time 🙂 ).With the heartbeat Rhythm and smooth vocal it will all depend on the stage production on the night.European preconceived political agenda normally plagues Eurovision and Australias lessened exposure to that may mean the arrangement needs to kickass 🙂

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