Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: Mar 2

Denise Scott recalls working with Judith Lucy and the great Lynda Gibson, plus auditions for Winners & Losers.


This week on Home Delivery, Julia Zemiro spends time with much-loved Denise Scott, heading to memories of Melbourne’s Greensborough.

There are also recollections for working with Judith Lucy and the great Lynda Gibson, plus the auditions for Winners and Losers.

Actress, writer and standup comedian Denise Scott takes Julia home to the tree lined streets of Greensborough in this episode of Home Delivery. Denise’s talent for story-telling is obvious from the get-go as they tumble into an old Holden just like the one her Dad once drove. Denise’s partner, John, dons the chauffeur’s cap as we drive from inner city Melbourne and out to the burbs. Along the way Julia asks them about their long-standing union and Denise describes idyllic childhood days playing in the once unpaved streets of her old neighbourhood.

In the home that her parents bought back in 1954, Denise tells Julia about growing up with her ‘meticulous’ mother Marg and father, Dennis, who liked to dress up as a clown at family get-togethers.

Denise is delighted to see that the note she wrote for the new owners when the house was sold holds pride of place on the kitchen wall.

Both the outside ‘dunny’ and tin garage still stand and Denise is reminded of her 21st birthday party – which was a unique affair in that it combined her big day with her uncle’s 80th. Not quite the ‘rock n roll’ event she’d expected.

They visit the Deloraine Aged Care Home across the road where Marg was a nurse’s aid for many years. It was something of a home away from home for Denise who spent many afternoons there in a dress up Nurse’s Hat.

At Our Lady of Mercy College she tells Julia how much she loved being at a single sex school and feels that the ‘whacky’ playful girl she was, was able to thrive at an all girls school. She shares some stories about her spirited high jinx and remembers the moment she realised she could make an audience laugh.

They finish up at Melbourne’s Trades Hall – home to the Bella Union Bar where comedians try out new shows. She talks about her start in comedy and reflects on what a lonely calling it can be, however her friendships with Judith Lucy and Lynda Gibson were enduring and supportive. Lynda died of cancer in 2004, but the trio devised and performed a memorable show shortly before her death. She also reveals that she endured four auditions before she was cast in Winners and Losers, because the producers weren’t convinced that she could act.

8pm Wednesday on ABC.

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