Gogglebox reviews The Footy Show


Last night’s episode of Gogglebox included opinions on Married at First Sight, Seven Year Switch, Long Lost Family, The Story of God, Luke Warm Sex and the last American Idol.

Discussions on Insight and I Am Cait were particularly good.

They also weighed into Rebecca Maddern’s first appearance on The Footy Show.

Here’s a snapshot of their thoughts:

  • She had to be blonde. They wouldn’t have put in a brunette.
  • Women will say ‘Look at what she’s wearing!’
  • This show is all about Sam Newman.
  • He looks a bit like Indiana Jones.
  • 5 seconds in and he’s already being a tool.
  • It’s a tough gig with all that testosterone flying around.
  • She’s like ‘I’m sick of these d***heads already.’
  • That would be so intimidating.
  • She knows what she’s doing.
  • I’ve always said The Footy Show always needs a woman, but in saying that I don’t think she’s the right woman for the show.

It screens at 8:30 tonight on TEN.


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