Meet the new Gogglebox trio

Three girls from the Shire won't hold back in sharing their views on Foxtel / 10.

Gogglebox this week introduces a new group of couch critics with sisters Mia and Bree and friend Lainey from Sydney.

They join returning cast the Delpechitra family; Lee and Keith; Anastasia and Faye, the Daltons and Adam and Symon.

Also returning are Kerry and Izzy, Matty along with sons Malik and baby Lyon plus Uncle Jad; Tim and Leanne; Milo and Nic, and friends Kevin, Bob, Jared and Mia.

Hailing from The Shire in Sydney, this young talented trio are set to enter living rooms across Australia. Mia (26) is a Teachers Aide studying to be a Special Education Teacher, and sister Bree (23) is a dance teacher who teaches contemporary and lyrical dance. Their best friend Lainey (20) is also a dance teacher specialising in just about every style of dance.

The trio have a love of reality TV, anything from The Real Housewives to The Kardashians to Survivor but they also love documentaries and a true crime series and are sure to bring a bit of fun and sass when it comes to dissecting the shows they are watching. Between the three girls they have four Cavoodles Zala, Zeah, Zola and Bailey.

7:30pm Wednesday, 21 February on Lifestyle.
8.30pm Thursday, 22 February on 10.

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  1. The Cavoodle is really a Spoodle, a cross between a Cavalier Spaniel and a miniature Poodle. Very popular and a puppy could cost upwards from $3600. They like company and shouldn’t be left alone for long periods.

  2. Forgive my lack of knowledge of another Australian state, but what does “from the shire” mean and is it relevant? Or are they searching for one ring to rule them all?

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