Offspring to film from April 25

The return of Nina Proudman and family is getting closer.


Good news. Shooting on the revived Offspring begins on 25 April and continues until July.

The dates were revealed when the show recently advertised for “new born babies” to appear.

“We are looking for women who are currently pregnant who would be happy for their newborns to feature in the TV show. All standard Infant Employment Guidelines will apply.”

TEN has previously revealed the show would begin sometime in May, June or July. So far cast includes Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart and Lachy Hulme.

Programming Chief Beverley McGarvey previously indicated, “The key characters are all back, Asher and Kat, but if we announce the rest of the cast we’re effectively telling where the stories are going. So we will save it to TX time.”

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