Airdate: Marcella


ITV crime series Marcella will air on Netflix from early July.

The series by Hans Rosenfeldt (The Bridge) stars Anna Friel as a Metropolitan police officer at a crisis point in her personal life, driven by rejection and intuition.

Returning to the Met’s Murder Squad after a 12-year career break, Marcella is a detective in her late 30’s who gave up her fast-tracked role to marry and devote her life to starting a family. With the abrupt end to her marriage to the love of her life and isolated from her children at boarding school, Marcella returns to work – her sense of self shattered.

She is immediately assigned to one of her old cases that she first worked on in 2003. A spate of recent killings has occurred, all carrying the same hallmarks as those unsolved murders committed over a decade ago. Has the killer re-appeared or is this a copycat murderer? How will Marcella cope with returning to duty when her own temperament is so fragile and vulnerable? Will throwing herself into her work provide the answers she’s seeking or lead her dangerously into territory she must avoid at all costs?

Friday July 1 on Netflix.


  1. You didn’t mention its 8 episodes at 45+ mins each.. Show looks like it might be worth a watch even though it seems a bit longer than the typical British drama.

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