House Rules win sees Seven take Monday


The end of a long weekend usually signals high ratings numbers as viewers bunker down for the working week. Last night there were a number of shows with high Monday numbers. But the AFL‘s afternoon event was central to strong numbers by Seven, notably Seven News in Melbourne at a cool 513,000.

At  990,000 House Rules won the three way Reality battle ahead of The Voice and MasterChef. Nine’s Live singing event rang severely overtime with 904,000 in preliminary numbers and 918,000 for TEN’s cook-off.

ABC News, The Project, 7:30 and SBS World News were amongst other titles to attract a Monday lift.

Despite Nine topping multichannels, Seven network won Monday with 29.3% then Nine 28.1%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 18.3% and SBS 5.2%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.37m / 1.16m for Seven then House Rules (990,000) and Home and Away (812,000). The Chase was 490,000 and 279,000 in 4 & 3 cities respectively, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders was 488,000 / 359,000.

Nine News was 1.14m / 1.11m for Nine then The Voice (984,000), A Current Affair (905,000), Hot Seat (618,000) and Adele: Live in London (570,000). Footy Classified was 110,000 in 3 cities.

MasterChef Australia drew 918,000 for TEN. The Project was up at 719,000 / 552,000, Have You Been Paying Attention? was 676,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 549,000 and NCIS: New Orleans was 241,000.

ABC News was high at 903,000 for ABC then 7:30 (689,000), Australian Story (672,000), Four Corners (555,000), Media Watch (554,000) and Q&A (547,000).

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (262,000), SBS World News (178,000) and The Island with Bear Grylls (145,000). A Great Welsh Adventure was 81,000.

Peppa Pig led multichannels at 262,000.

Today: 295,000
Sunrise: 275,000
ABC News Breakfast: 90,000 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 13 June 2016.


  1. With high ratings for garden renovations, this highlights that a weekly Domestic Blitz revival would work. Please don’t do a stripped series, weekly would be sufficient!

  2. Its been a while since I sat there and watched a whole episode of Q&A live but I did last night. Bill was surprisingly good and the episode kept my attention.

    • Yes, was surprisingly good and respectful, in a wolves’ den in a LNP-held seat. Be interesting to compare with the PM next week. Was using captioning, which dropped out for quite some time around 10:15 and was generally on/off thereafter.

  3. Footy classified was on gem last night at 8.30pm live into Melbourne. I would’ve remained oblivious to the earlier timeslot but someone I knew was watching 9 last night and let me know of the earlier screening. The epg was not updated so it must have been a late decision. These things need to be decided well in advance and promoted otherwise how are people supposed to know? Does 9 just think viewers have spend hours on channel 9 that day waiting for a timeslot change or an earlier screening? I suspect it would’ve hardly rated as who knew about it.

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