The Briefcase divides social media


Nine’s bold new series The Briefcase was finally unveiled last night.

After savage reviews the show attracted divisive comment on social media.


But there were also those questioning Nine’s ethics in manipulating families for our entertainment.



  1. Is “The Briefcase” a political allegory? A group of people are given money (company tax cut) and are then shown other groups of people that need jobs, need to sell their produce or simply need help. What will the recipients do with the gift? Will they spend it on themselves, with a pay rise, a new company car or jet etc. or give it to their friends (shareholders) who are probably overseas or pay off some debts (good for shareholders) or use it in the way the donor expects? Now there’s a situation that we’d all like to see unfold.

  2. How is it different to Undercover Boss or Secret Millionaire where they gain peoples trust as somebody they are not then reveal the lie at the end?

    • I agree, they’re not a _lot_ different. But at least those shows aren’t tempting people with money or manufacturing a moral conflict for fun and profit…

  3. The adverts were plenty distasteful for me. I would agree that it is poverty porn. I notice this broadcast year there is not one show on Channel 9 I would watch, unless they bring back Person of Interest for its final 15 episodes. Just wondering if the owners of Channel 9 manipulate the producers & show runners the same way that The Briefcase seeks to manipulate its ‘contestants.’ My guess is that the answer is Yes.

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