Networks double down on double episodes

With Olympics on the way, networks are opting for double eps instead of launching new titles.


Keep your eyes on your favourite shows for double episodes, just to be sure you don’t miss out.

In the lead up to the Olympics, networks are reluctant to launch new shows (TEN is an exception here).

So there are several double eps as a result.

This week Seven had double eps of Winners and Losers. Next week it has two more on Tuesday night.

Tonight it has double Home and Away, double Surveillance Oz, double Big Bang Theory and double Rush Hour. It also has double eps of Bones on Sunday,

Meanwhile Nine also has a double episode of Love Child on Monday plus 2 hours of Britain’s Got Talent on Tuesday.

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  1. Bones had a double episode on sunday with separate entries on the epg for each episode. Inbetween the episodes they ran a promo for next sundays episode including plotlines for that episode. The way they did it was confusing and suggested they had made a last minute change. I would’ve deleted the second episode without checking but since there is no catch up for bones I double checked and there was a second brand new episode with a different plotline to the promo that had just aired.
    Curiously winners and losers had only one entry into the epg for a double episode. I didn’t know it was a double episode until I was part way through watching and realised the recording had over 2 hours.

  2. Seven also had a double episode of “Criminal Minds” on Wednesday night. “Home & Away” screens double on Thursday night as regular programming and has done for several years,

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