Peter Berner joins SKY News

Comedian Peter Berner now has his own Saturday night news comedy show.


Comedian Peter Berner has joined SKY News.

Filling a Saturday night void on the news channel, his new show The B Team with Peter Berner premiered at 9pm last night.

The B Team will be a show about everything. I’ll be joined by smart, funny minded people and spend an hour sifting through the news of the week taking a broader look at the world that is. I’ll be honest, I need all the help I can get to try and work out what the hell is going on,” he said.

Berner, best known for Backberner (1999-2002) and The Einstein Factor (2004-2009), he takes a comedic look at the week’s news.

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  1. I watched it last night. Was a refreshing point of difference focusing on lighter news from the week, especially with some depressing news around of late. Although the host kept calling the channel “Sky Live” instead of Sky News Live!

    1. They are constantly downsizing this is clearly evident when you see the same weekly on air talent now doing Weekend morning shows or Weather journalist reading the news. Sky News Australia is an experiment in how cheaply you can run a News channel with even Anchors complaining on air about the lack of resources. Also what 24 hour News channel packs up in late December and returns in Febuary replaced with just news bulitins. I’m sure a lot of radio stations executives would love to to only pay the news room during summer. News channels in other countries yes the on air talent may go on leave yet they are replaced with a substitute anchor.

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