US subscriber suing Netflix over price hike


A US Netflix customer who says he was promised a $7.99 per month subscription fee for the life of his account is suing the company.

George Keritsis became a subscriber after seeing an ad promising that Netflix would guarantee a $7.99 monthly price as long as users maintained the subscription service continuously.

But in October 2012, his rate increased to $8.68 per month and months later his “special pricing” was to become $9.99 per month.

When he complained the price increase was inconsistent with the lifetime guarantee a representative stated that Netflix was raising prices for all “grandfathered” accounts, not just his own.

Keritsis is now suing Netflix for breach of contract and seeking class certification for “all persons who entered into an agreement with Netflix for a streaming plan at a subscription price that Netflix promised not to increase for as long as they continuously maintained their subscriptions.”

He reckons that’s at least 22 million people. Ouch!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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