Nine bumps The Block to Sunday premiere against Australian Survivor

A very nervous Nine decides to get the jump in the upcoming Reality TV battle.


How nervous is Nine? Very.

It has just cancelled its plans for The Block to premiere on Monday August 22 (which it announced a week ago), to now premiere a night earlier on Sunday August 21.

Instead of launching head to head with Zumbo’s Just Desserts, it will now go up against TEN’s high-profile launch of Australian Survivor.

Nine also gets the jump on TEN with a 7pm premiere for The Block, an extra 30 minutes ahead of Australian Survivor.

The three-way battle for reality shows post-Olympics will underpin all three networks in the final quarter of the ratings year and after an underwhelming year for Nine, much is riding on the next round.

According to a site poll, TV Tonight readers are pumped for the untested Australian Survivor with Seven’s new Zumbo’s Just Desserts in second place.

This will be a game of outwit, outplay and outlast…

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  1. I think it’s a great idea and will probably pay off for NIne given the dismal coverage of the Rio Olympics and the awful barrage of ads seven are running for the dessert show, it’s put me off watching Seven. Who are all these Olympic hosts ? I’ve never seen any of them before ? I caught a terrible show with that reformed addict diver last night, woeful. Where are Roy & HG? Promos for Survivor look great and the Adelaide born host will definitely get a look in – if you watch Ten which I don’t. The block is a ‘coming home to nine show’ and a refreshing break from all the other not so successful formats they have tried this year. I predict a ratings dive for Zumbo’s show, he’s not ‘out of the box’ talent, it’s unhealthy food and from the promos I’ve seen so far the contestants don’t grab me at all …

    1. Firstly it won’t pay off the Show is garbage and everyone is done with it its like flogging an old horse .sexonsly seven coverage of the Olympics has been fantastic its on three channels we have been spoilt for choice not complaints form me thirdly seven is. FTA channel adds are expected like nine with the state of origin the adds are non stop Olympics no different it has the biggest TV audience of the year big money maker for seven .thridly all reality TV is dying the black is no different even the likes of the once powerful the voice has dropped its sensational figures it once had to just scali over the million mark .Nine has more duds than all the other networks combined this year.

  2. I think that 9 are nervous, but their programming had been less than ideal.
    Westside gas been squeezed in late night in the space of a week and must air this Saturday. I lost confidence with programming decisions years ago.
    I will watch what I want to watch regardless of who they compete against.

  3. The channels should be spying on each other to find out which nights are weak in programming and then putting the new show on then. They need to realise that they are splitting the Competition Show audience, where they could be winning them en masse by picking the right night.

    And for some reason they seem to think that Thursdays are not worth worrying about – I can’t see how it is any different to M-Wed

  4. Nine’s management seems to be incapable of learning from its mistakes. They counterprogrammed reality shows against Seven and came off second best. At a time when FTA is suffering from declining audiences, revenues and profits you’d think Nine would be more concerned about improving their own situation rather than cutting down a rival. I’m sure Nine’s shareholders are way more concerned with making a profit than ratings bragging rights.

    1. Ratings success is pivotal to making a profit. It would be interesting to see the costs of Survivor v Block. Block outlay is high but so is the sale. Nine’s focus has always been the TV performance not the real estate. Zumbo would be the cheaper of the 3 if I was to guess.

      1. You kidding. I want Au Survivor to be renewed so I can get on (I know it’s unlikely that I will get on the island, but I still want the chance) also I hate the block with a passion.

    1. As will Nine and their usual next day, all weekend replays (not ‘encore’). Weekends just become endless repeats of repeats of the same ‘reality’ stuff, erasing the need to watch the first run, and forgetting that there are things called PVRs for anyone desperate enough to catch whatever.

  5. Absolute fools at Nine. After bombarding us with up to 6 ads an hour about the Block returning Mon 22nd – including last night, they change nights. Too bad if you haven’t been watching any Nine during the Olympics and miss the new ads about Sunday!

    No matter what Aus Survivor is against first episode will do very well due to curiosity – but like most realities will settle down to a regular audience.

    By putting The Bock against Aus Survivor, they are losing the potential audience of those who tried Survivor on the first night and didn’t like it and end up watching something else the next night.

    Most who can will record one and watch the other if they chose to watch these shows.

  6. Ugh, great. I know everything is clashing. I bet secret daughter and the wrong girl will be on the same day too.

    Haven’t heard anything about winners and losers, will that still be on Tuesday’s? I know 800 words is on then but we still have a bit to go with winners and losers.

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