Nine delays House Husbands until 2017

HH4 Ep 07-043

EXCLUSIVE: Nine has chosen to delay screening Season 5 of House Husbands until 2017.

The series, currently filming its final weeks, was announced as part of Nine’s 2016 line-up last November.

But a network spokesperson could not confirm it would still air this year.

Also off the calendar this year is Bond, featuring Ben Mingay as the high-flying businessman who led a roller-coaster life.

It too was due in 2016. Both will now join Doctor Doctor in 2017.

It’s unclear whether delivery dates have been pushed back or, the network has conceded it will not win the Demos this year and has decided to bolster its 2017 offering.

So far this year Nine has only screened local drama Love Child, including ridiculously cramming in final episodes in before the Olympics, plus sitcom Here Come the Habibs!

But new thriller drama Hyde & Seek is due to launch soon, featuring Matt Nable, Deborra-Lee Furness and Mandy McElhinney.

It’s also unclear how the delays will impact Nine’s drama quota points for this year, but other titles including NZ series on multichannels plus movies add to an overall total.

Nine isn’t alone in promised titles that will fail to eventuate this year. Dancing with the Stars, Sunday Night Take-Away and The Day The Cash Came are all out at Seven this year while TEN still has not screened Baby Circle, due in 2015.


  1. Nine has treated his great show like crap. Changes from Sunday to Monday and then back again and again, started it late every night allowing the voice and the block to run over time. This show smashes it in the demographics and needs to be on at 8.30.

  2. So, you are a channel that is struggling in ratings, have had several flops this year, so you make a smart decision to delay a sure ratings option. I don’t understand.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Ho hum…this is why I have trouble committing to anything these days….
    Shows come and go…get shifted around…don’t show all…just too difficult.
    When series like The Sullivans, for example were on…you could set your watch by it….My how times have changed……..
    As for TENs Baby Circle…they announced that back in 2014….for afternoons….Just bring back Ready Steady Cook…it produced quite a few ‘celebrity’ cooks…Manu..Shane…George…etc

  4. Disappointed. Love house husbands. If it’s ready unsure why they can’t put it on. There is currently nothing on Thursdays. Or anytime after the block really.

  5. So, I thought Nine dumped a lot of its US content for more local Aussie content…and if they are not screening that either… I am not exactly sure what content they dropped, but I just remember the announcement, possibly from their upfronts last year? But the bigger question is what do they possibly have to air instead?

  6. They’ve probably pushed it back to make room for Hyde and Seek. As far as i’m aware there was no announcement for this new show, until they first advertised it n screen. It does look good. So nine being nine (ie inconsistant) they thought they might shuffle things. When they launched Love Child in a similar fashion a few years back, it was about a year before we saw it.

  7. “NZ series on multi-channels plus movies add to an overall total”. Hey Nine, why make any drama in Australia at all? Just buy more stuff from NZ. Cheaper. Stick it on GEM or GO! over Nov-Feb. and all is well with Canberra. Guess Seven pulling The Day The Cash Came due to The Briefcase performance.

  8. I don’t watch HH but if I did, I would be disappointed. Imagine if the US delayed shows that have a loyal fan base? Hmmm…that wouldn’t happen….

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