Anthony Albanese gets down The Big Music Quiz

Labor MP shows off his musical knowledge in a rare quiz show appearance this Sunday.


Politician Anthony Albanese sits down at The Big Music Quiz this Sunday, in a rare quiz show appearance.

He will be joined by Rachael Beck, Ella Hooper, Matthew Mitcham, Jackie O, James Tobin, Libby Trickett and Toby Truslove. But he will also have to groove alongside his teammates in the boisterous music show, which may well attract some commentary. Will there be any Midnight Oil questions?

It’s not the first time a pollie has appeared on an entertainment show to boost their public appeal. Julia Gillard was on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? years before becoming PM.

The Big Music Quiz will also have a special Saturday edition this weekend at 7pm featuring Jude Bolton, Lucy Durack, Lehmo, Dylan Lewis, Russell Morris, Denise Scott, Melanie Vallejo and Cal Wilson.

7pm Saturday and Sunday on Seven.


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  1. Did not expect to like this show, but it’s nice fun entertainment. Darren Appears to be a lot happier hosting this show than The Voice – maybe because he is allowed to have a bit more fun with the format? Yes the general hyperactivity can get a little ridiculous, but I am used to it. You just feel exhausted by the end of it.

    1. It really doesn’t know what it wants to be, does it? It’s like they’ve taken every music quiz show & smooshed them together, then stuck the bits that fell off back on with glue made from the rendered remains of various “The Voice Got Talent” shows…

      (I thought Albo was one of the more frequent entertainment-show politicians, having been on both Hamster Wheel & Media Circus, but it looks like that’s it.)

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