Audience Inventory 2016: Streaming results


Netflix continues to dominate in Streaming according to the results of the TV Tonight Audience Inventory.

49% of readers indicated they have a Netflix account, well ahead of Stan’s 26%.

But Stan is also significantly ahead of Presto, which attracted a total of 17% over its three package options. Some users also have more than one subscription.

“Too Many Ads” and “Not Enough Quality on Free to Air” remain the key reasons readers have gravitated to Streaming. The key features that attract them are the “Amount of Content”, “Range of Content” and “Affordable Price.”

On that front Netflix again drew an “Excellent” result for Satisfaction, but there’s good news for Stan moving from “No Option” last year to “Very Good” this year.

This year a question was added on whether readers legally access overseas Streaming services through a VPN, with 15% indicating overseas Netflix accounts.

Results that have shifted more than 2% are noted below.

* denotes multiple answers allowed

Do you currently have an Australian account for Streaming TV?*

Netflix 49%
Do Not Subscribe 42%
Stan 26%
Presto bundle 12%
Presto TV 4%
Hayu 2%
Other 2%
Quickflix 2%
Presto Movies 1%

Do you subscribe to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
No 73%
Yes 23%
Not sure 4%

Do you legally access overseas streaming services?*
No 77%
Netflix 15%
BBC iPlayer 6%
Other 6%
Hulu 5%
HBO Now 2%
Amazon Prime 2%

Do you buy TV episodes online such as through Apple TV or iTunes?
No 74%
Yes occasionally 17%
Yes but just one title 5%
Yes frequently 4%

The following results apply to those who answered questions (NB: some skipped these questions):

Reasons for accessing Streaming TV *
Free to Air has too many ads 49%
Free to Air does not offer enough quality 46%
I want access to their exclusive shows 38%
Free to Air does not stick to a consistent schedule 33%
Free to Air does not offer enough quantity 23%
Free to Air does not play series in full 21%
Pay TV is too expensive 16%
Other 8%
Illegal downloading is now too risky 5%

Which Streaming services have you tried?*
Netflix 88%
Stan 61%
Presto Bundle 34%
Quickflix 19%
Presto TV 18%
Other 9%
Presto Movies 9%
hayu 5%

Rate the Streaming services you have tried*


Presto Movies
Presto TV
Presto Bundle

Have Streaming services made you change your Pay TV subscription?
No my Pay TV is unchanged 67%
Other 14%
Yes I downgraded my Pay TV 11%
Yes I cancelled my Pay TV 8%

What criteria is important to you in selecting a Streaming service?* 
Amount of content
Range of content
Affordable price
Works well with my devices
No lock-in contract
Unmetered downloads
Ability to binge
High Definition
Exclusive content
Trying first with a free trial

Trusted brand
Word of mouth


Australian content

66% of readers visit TV Tonight once a day or more.
91% of readers indicated Excellent or Very Good on the question of satisfaction with TV Tonight.

Thanks to all those who participated!


  1. I just started a two month trial with Presto today.
    The only good thing is that it has complete series of some good shows. The quality, website and iOS app are absolutely horrible plus they have a PS4 App but no Xbox One App.

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