ABC greenlights Ronny Chieng: International Student


The first comedy from the ABC Comedy Showroom to win a full season is Ronny Chieng: International Student.

It will air on both ABC and Comedy Central in the US.

Chieng, currently a correspondent on The Daily Show, revealed the news in a podcast with the UK’s Des Bishop.

Asked about his background as an immigrant to Australia, he said, “Tune it to ABC or Comedy Central US. June 2017. My new series addresses it.”

On Bishop’s podcast, Chieng said that he had to dumb down and present a simplified version of himself for American audiences.

He said: ‘Well, I shouldn’t be saying this, but… People have been asking me to give an international perspective but what America really wants is what America THINKS an international perspective is. You give them what your real perspective is, it’s too much nuance and they can’t get it.

‘When I go, “I was born in Malaysia but I’,m ethnically Chinese and grew up in Singapore but spent ten years in Australia going to law school and doing comedy.” That’s too many things.You’ve just gotta be Asian. You can’t be doing nuance, that’s to f***ing complicated.’

Source: Chortle


  1. Yay for Ronnie!
    Agree with others here that International Student was by far the best pilot.
    Always thought it would be the one to win a full season.
    Yes, quite broad and a bit slapstick but still really funny.
    Hope it is able to maintain a whole series though.

  2. Love Ronnie, didn’t love the pilot, but didn’t like any that came through pilot initiate thingy.

    Think ABC do a great job with comedy for the most part, so hopefully they can tailor this to something a little more clever and let Ronnie shine. His monologues saved the pilot, but ABC could get Lillie level of success if they get the story to the right standard.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Agree. Have enjoyed some of his prev work but I turned off halfway thru the pilot. The humour was way too broad and obvious and ultimately not that funny.

      Still, judging from what people said, this was prob the one to go forward. Hopefully a couple of the others get a nod, too.

  3. Great news. As others have said, it was easily my runaway favourite of the pilots. Looking forward to it. Australia you made right decision.

  4. And another me too post about Ronny pilot. Being the best one of the lot. Happy to see it will be a full season next year.

    Did Auntie release the voting figures for the different episodes?

  5. Seems like a long time between when the pilot aired and when it was given a series order!

    This is good news, this was easily the best pilot of the ABC comedy showdown thing

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