AFL Grand Final tops 3 million

A Western Bulldogs fairytale win pulls in the biggest TV audience of the year.


The AFL Grand Final has drawn the biggest audience of the year, pulling a whopping 3.04m viewers for the match between Sydney and the Western Bulldogs.

It rose to 3.12m for the Presentations, a clear sign that viewers were hooked to its final quarter during a tight game.

It was the highest metro audience since 2006, according to Seven pulling a dominant share of 91.2%. Adding in regional viewers it climbed to 4.09 million viewers.

In Melbourne, an average audience of 1.446 million viewers watched the Bulldogs end a 61 year drought, the highest Melbourne audience since 2010. In Sydney, the average audience was 534,000 viewers, the highest Sydney audience since 2012.

Seven also won in primetime, buoyed by the bumper lead in.

Prior to yesterday the biggest TV audience of the year was a State of Origin match at 2.7m viewers.

Photo: AFL.com.au

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  1. Absolutely ridiculous ratings for the AFL Grand Final.

    Record 1.55m in Melbourne alone for the Bulldogs historic win.

    Ratings were impressive all across the country.

    Don’t see too many 3m+ metros!

  2. As someone who watches AFL on Foxtel, I must say I was extremely disappointed with the coverage. Bruce and Dennis did a fantastic job, the game was an absolute cracker, but 7 ruined the atmosphere, particularly in the last quarter by filling it with adds. We need a compromise here. I understand most people will want a FTA option to watch the game, but there is a large number of us who are prepared to pay and watch the game without ads. If 7 won’t simulcast with Fox Footy, perhaps a Pay per View option through Foxtel with 7 getting half of what is earned???

    I’ll be avoiding X Factor and Jessica Mauboy’s new show out of disgust for having them shoved down my throat instead of giving us the atmosphere after each goal.

    1. If your into motorsport then the same thing is going to happen next week with the Bathurst 1000.
      Fox Sports show the whole season Live, Ad Break free…. except for Bathurst. They have to show the Channel 10 ads. So they show a split screen with the Ads on 1 side and the live coverage (no commentary) on the other side…. Its ridiculous! Stupid Laws legislated by the Government.

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