Archer plan to end with Season 10


US animated series Archer is likely to end with its 10th season according to creator Adam Reed.

That’s still some way off with Season 7 having recently aired in the US. Some months ago the show was renewed for 3 more seasons.

“The plan is to end Archer after Season 10,” Reed said recently. “I don’t know that anybody has talked about that, but that is definitely my plan, is to do eight, nine, and 10 — and they’re gonna be each shorter seasons of just eight episodes — and then wind it up.”

According to Variety, Reed explained that he had planned to end the show after eight seasons, but had a creative “brain explosion” that led him to believe that he could maintain interest for two more after that.

“So the three seasons that are coming up are going to be pretty different from what’s come before, and they’re going to be different from each other,” he said.

Archer has aired in Australia on both Comedy channel and ABC2.

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  1. I like Archer a lot, although I have been noticing that it has been getting a bit predictable as of the last couple seasons. I think they should be happy with 10 seasons, I mean when you step back and look at it, that’s a lot of seasons. It’s had a fantastic run.

    Just like how Adventure Time is apparently going to end at Season 9, that’s a great run. Better to end on a high than a fizzle.
    My Little Pony will be going into a seventh season (with a movie) and I am sure it will end at 8 or 9 seasons (not yet confirmed, just a gut feeling) and that’s a great run.

    I look at shows like Family Guy or South Park which run on forever and I feel like the magic kinda goes away after a while, ending on a high is I think preferable.

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