ABC defends Glitch deal


The ABC has rejected criticism of its co-funding arrangements with Netflix for a second season of Glitch.

Seven, Nine and Foxtel CEOs have deemed the co-production arrangements as a global giant being subsidised by public funds.

“It’s just another example of how the current system favours multinational media companies,” Nine CEO Hugh Marks said.

“Our industry is one currently pressured by unreasonable and uncompetitive taxes favouring offshore players who don’t contribute anything substantial to our national narrative and creative community.”

An ABC spokesman said the deal delivered a “better outcome” for Australian audiences and drove the public dollar further.

“As a result of Netflix’s involvement, there is more money being invested in Glitch to fully ­realise the creative aspiration of series 2,” said the spokesman.

While Glitch represents its first production spend, Netflix is yet to fully-fund an Australian series.

The series will premiere in Australian on ABC.

Source: The Australian


  1. ““It’s just another example of how the current system favours multinational media companies,” Nine CEO Hugh Marks said.”

    Don’t look at your shareholder register, Hugh – Singapore, USA, USA, South Africa, …

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Murdoch press: “ABC is bad…blah, blah…”
    Aus commercial networks: “We haven’t managed our businesses well enough so can we please have some more taxpayer money?…moan, winge…” *throws rattle out of pram

    This is no different from the BBC collaborating with various international distributors including streaming / VoD.

    Is Hugh Marks saying that he would have stumped up a bag of cash if ABC had come courting his network. Having seen the mediocre pap that Nine make, I’m glad that that didn’t happen.

    Aus commercial networks should hang their collective heads in shame. They should take a long hard look at their own paltry contributions to local drama instead of bleating about the public broadcaster taking some risks with content and taking the initiative to secure additional funding for a project.

    • Yes, kudos to the ABC looking for financial partners to keep some sort of creative product flowing plus employment for Australian actors. Commercial TV are still slow appreciating viewer preferences and consumer habits that is why Netflix (with 4K material on offer) are grabbing the viewers.

  3. Maybe it is just that the ABC had a superior drama & Seven, Nine & Ten need to raise their game. There is only so much we can take of Jessica & Asher. Or maybe it is Patrick Brammall’s turn to take over Hollywood.

  4. All I can say to Seven, Nine and Foxtel is pick up your game. Start giving us better drama instead of cookie cutter same old same old shows police procedures, attractive girl in her 20’s/30’s trying to make her way in the world, middle aged sea change or The insert “legendary aussie icon” story. Can I say to Hugh Marks look at what Netflix is producing and then look what you’re producing.

  5. Armchair Analyst

    In Australian? Do we have our own language? Lol maybe we do! Just think how funny and odd Glitch would be in ocker . as for other TV networks bitching once they start paying more in fees instead of writing them off as an expence & stop lobbying govt for laxer rules than they can have a point!

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