Bride & Prejudice coming to Seven?


Last week Seven confirmed it has an unnamed “controversial” wedding show coming in 2017, but said that revealing the title would give away too much to participants who were currently filming.

Discreet footage was played revealing parents at odds with the choices of their adult children and the partners they were about to wed.

Early information suggests the show could be a local version of Bride and Prejudice which premiered on FYI in the USA in March.

“Have you met the love of your life but your family isn’t so sure?” Seven announced in a casting notice in June.

“We are looking for couples that are in diverse, multicultural or progressive relationships that believe that against all odds they are destined for one another.”

In the reel shown by Seven were audio phrases such as “So if anyone should object, speak now or forever hold your peace” ….”Why don’t you marry a nice Aussie boy?”…. “We don’t understand why you would love another woman”…. “God hates gays / I don’t care”….. “I don’t want brown grandkids”….”That goldigger is just after his money.”

Here’s some clips from Bridge & Prejudice US.

Source: C21


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