Bumped: The X Factor

Sunday Night moves in at 7pm with X Factor now starting at 8pm Sunday.


This is a bit of a big deal.

Seven has pushed The X Factor from its 7pm start on Sunday to 8pm.

Sunday Night will screen at 7pm in its place.

The move follows disappointing ratings for the show this season, amid speculation it may not return next year.

For the kind of money the show is costing Seven it would be a timeslot move it would not take lightly.

The show will now wrap at 10pm according to guides.

Monday’s verdict show is still in play at 7:30pm Monday.

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  1. I think changing timeslots will hurt the show even further. I think channel 7 should rest the show next year. Don’t axe it. Just rest it and bring it back in 2018 with a full, long, proper season. None of this shortened version like The Voice. Australia loved the long extended X Factor and they loved the show as it was one that produced actual stars. So remember, do not axe the show just rest it.

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