Absent in 2016

So whatever happened to Sunday Night Takeaway, Cannonball, Sex Ed & Ice Wars?

Admittedly there are still a few days to go, but I think I can safely list the shows that were promised for 2016 but never arrived.

Most have been pushed forward to 2017.

There are big ticks for Foxtel, TEN & SBS this year who largely stuck to their announcements (and in most cases local shows appear to have been delivered).

But there were big announcements at the 2016 Upfronts that did not arrive including ABC’s Ice Wars, Seven’s Sunday Night Takeaway & The Day the Cash Came. Nine later confirmed This Time Next Year would take 12 months to film whilst delaying profile Dramas.

ABC’s The Bully Project was announced in February but no date was advised so it is off the list, and will screen as Bullied in 2017.

There are also other shows that have fallen off the radar (ie. Gotham, The Following and that Baby Circle show that never arrived) but strictly speaking they weren’t promised for 2016.

*denotes now coming in 2017

Ice Wars*
Newton’s Law*
Seven Types of Ambiguity*
David Stratton’s Story of Australian Cinema*
Stop Laughing… This Is Serious*

Sunday Night Takeaway
The Day the Cash Came
Dancing With The Stars
Cannonball (pictured)

House Husbands*
House of Bond*
This Time Next Year*
Prison: First & Last 24 Hours
The Verdict
Sex Ed
Travel Guides*

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Masters of Sex
Vikings (Part 2) S4*
Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven*

Big Little Lies*

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  1. There are probably a dozen different ‘things that could go wrong’ if a person wants to legally watch tv shows from beginning to end without buying them from iTunes or JB HiFi. We go to great lengths to catch all of our favourite shows, but often it seems we are left hanging for two years and then a show just fades into distant memory. I want to still care about Top of the Lake and Fortitude and Grimm and Torchwood when and if they ever return to my screen. I’ve missed the first half of Season 6 of Community…didn’t that lag about 2 years on Foxtel? If they aired it middle of the night on ABCkids I missed it…..same with Portlandia for the last couple of years. I wonder if the Aussie executives understand that this fragmentation of continuity makes for much less loyalty on the part of the broadcast television viewer (both paid and free to air). At least that is what they have done…

  2. I don’t watch much Australian television so there isn’t really anything on that list that I would say I would watch. However, I must say that I was contemplating giving Cannonball a shot given it looks a little similar to Wipeout. But with the amount of overplayed advertising and the continual delays I would never watch it now. But on a US front, I can’t help but agree with others that the case of Gotham is ridiculous! I know Nine are the least reliable network, but being this overdue just makes it look like Nine are trying to delay Netflix’s second run rights.

  3. Surely, 7 will air that Cannonball show. The promoted the hell out of that show and as far as I am aware, the show has been produced. Why waist money on producing something if it isn’t going to air? Even if they burn it off before the Aus Open, it better than not airing it at all.

    Now that I think about it, given the nature of the show (both in content and the fact that it looked to be cheep to produce), it would be suited to being a summer show.

  4. Oh yes, I’m still waiting patiently for the final season of The Following. Please ch 9 some time this year would be good. They show it in the middle of the night anyway so I don’t know what the problem is, it doesn’t affect their ‘regular’ programming. If they can repeat that Kingdom AD a second time, which is pointless unless they are going to show the episodes that hadn’t aired yet, they can show a new season of The Following.

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