Cinematographers join dissent over Hanging Rock director

The Australian Cinematographers Society has sided with the Australian Directors Guild in the row over the importing of Canadian director Larysa Kondracki for Picnic at Hanging Rock.

ACS National President, Ron Johanson OAM ACS said, “Quite frankly we are astounded that, given the wealth of directorial talent in Australia, someone from overseas has been given the honour to helm the majority of this new version of Joan Lindsay’s novel. So with that in mind I would like to publicly state that the ACS is fully supportive of the ADG’s condemnation.”

His comments follow ADG CEO Kingston Anderson slamming the move by FremantleMedia Australia following a successful 420 Visa application with the Dept. of Immigration.

“It’s also worth noting that this is not a co-production and is being fully financed in Australia,” said Johanson. “As a professional body that supports Australian talent the ACS is incredibly disappointed to think that organisations held in such high regard like Screen Australia, Foxtel and Fremantle Media are prepared to support overseas directors before talented Australian directors. Let’s just hope this is a one off and not the shape of things to come.”

The project does come with an Australian cinematographer, Garry PhiIlips ACS as Director of Photography.

FremantleMedia has so far declined to comment.

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  1. Some looking for publicity should think a little more before they speak, the TV and movie industry is now fully international with Directors and Cinematographers as well as numerous other specialists gaining employment and contracts all over the world, why should an Australian production be any different, The premise of this article smacks of shameless protectionism that will not attract many admirers in a hierarchical profession.

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