Report: Seven to begin redundancies


Seven West Media staff were yesterday told about a voluntary redundancy program, which will focus on the television business, according to a report in The Australian.

The approval of redundancies would be at Seven’s discretion, so the company would not lose employees who were critical to the business.

It’s not clear how many positions will be impacted by the plan.

Last month Seven West Media saids its full-year earnings would be close to 20 per cent down on 2015 / 16 results amid a soft advertising market and costs associated with the Olympic Games.


  1. A new sales schedule system that was introduced two years ago has required lots and lots of staff to be put on, not laid off. It has been an unmitigated mess. So who was responsible for allowing that? Probably been promoted.

  2. Worked there a number of years ago & there’s definitely room to trim the fat. Most of their commercial inventory department (traffic) spent the day playing games & watching videos as there wasn’t enough work to do. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the targeted departments.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    “…so the company would not lose employees who were critical to the business.
    Translation: Senior management and legal – you’re safe.
    Person who schedules programs – we’ve found a monkey who can hit the dartboard most of the time.
    Control room staff – someone’s written an app to drive everything from a smartphone.
    Marketing staff – retasked with sneaking into the homes of people with OzTam meters when they’re away and switching their TV onto channel 7.

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