Airdate: Todd Sampson’s Life on the Line

Todd Sampson's new series begins next month, testing the laws of Physics first-hand.

Todd Sampson’s new series Life on the Line begins on ABC next month, testing the laws of Physics first-hand.

Todd Sampson puts his faith in science to the ultimate test in a series of epic experiments, trusting his life to the Laws of Physics. With the help of some of Australia’s leading young physicists, along with a first-class construction and safety team, each episode follows Todd’s journey from the kernel of an idea through to a daring experiment that will show physics in action on an incredible scale. Filmed in Melbourne, Sydney, Bankstown, Cockatoo Island, Kangaroo Valley and New Zealand, Life on the Line is a visually poetic and stunning documentary series that reveals the invisible forces in the world around us.

8pm Tuesday March 21 on ABC.

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  1. I personally have not enjoyed watching Todd on Gruen. When it began I had no problem with him but over the years I have found him becoming smug and inflexible. He always takes the opposing view to Russel Howcroft ( I know he’s supposed to ) and is dismissive to the point of rudeness.
    I agree with square eyes, they are pushing him

  2. I am with David Knox on this one. Gruen is a ratings winner on the ABC and Todd plays a big part of the appeal. I enjoyed his series on CH10 and ABC. I am looking forward to his new show. I will be watching. I think his appeal is he his an intelligent man and my wife thinks he is quite good looking.

  3. I pity the ABC. They’ve done everything to try and turn this person into a star. First they had him on a panel show as an advertising guru. Then they tried to turn him into an action man and fitness guru. Now they’re passing him off as a science geek. Please, isn’t it clear by now that we don’t want him?

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