Corey Parker ready to rumble

How do retired football players make the transition to TV presenters?

Just ask newly-retired Brisbane Broncos Corey Parker (pictured, right), who is one of the new team for Queenslanders Only. The new show on FOX League channel, aimed at Queensland fans.

“I guess the way to learn is by doing it,” he says. “It’s a bit like playing footy: you can do all the preparation, which you need, but the only way you get better is by doing it yourself. Fortunately for me, what we’re talking about, I know a bit about. So hopefully it’s an easy process.

“But it’s challenging. It’s obviously out of my comfort zone. I’ve been a footy player for the last 16 years. Now I have to learn about studios and cameras.”

Parker will join Robert ‘Crash’ Craddock, Mal Meninga, Kevin Walters, Gorden Tallis, Justin Hodges and Parker. He is also a regular part of On the Couch with Sterlo, on which he has made appearances already, and will take up commentary duties for the new channel.

“The studio stuff I really enjoy. The stuff I haven’t done is sideline commentary. I’ll have to think on my feet,” he admits.

“I suppose it’s no different to being a footy player.”

Queenslanders Only will broadcast its early editions from Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. Interstate rivalry is synonymous with NRL, Parker says.

“That’s what game has been built on over time, and it’s what we hang our hat on. There are 16 wonderful sides that go head to head every week. But if you’re not a Rugby League supporter you can watch the State of Origin, just because of what it is and what it gives.

Ready to rumble in his new career, Parker acknowledges his FOX Sports colleagues who have been giving him tips on crossing the divide from player to presenter -including those who have been field rivals.

“Some of them I have played against. But I’m being an open book, I’m happy to sponge off anybody.”

On the Couch with Sterlo Tuesday nights at 7.30pm
Queenslanders Only Wednesday nights at 8.00pm
Thursday Night League Thursday nights from 7.00pm on FOX League.


  1. One of the best promos I’ve seen in a while is the one they are running for the Queenslanders Only show with Mal Meninga channeling his inner Donald Trump.

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