iview: Trip for Biscuits

Steven "Bajo" O’Donnell features as part of a hapless crew of space cadets, in a new sci-fi comedy.

New sci-fi comedy interstitial, Trip for Biscuits, begins on iview next week, featuring Good Game‘s Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell as part of a hapless crew of space cadets, messing with aliens and all things galactic.

The series is created by Dave Cartel, Timothy Powell and Steven O’Donnell and produced by Robot Panther.

Trip for Biscuits is a fast-paced 18 x 10 minute disaster-comedy series that follows Bajo (Steven O’Donnell) and his misfit crew as they try to carry out their bizarre missions. The team lack the life skills required to deal with everyday situations – let alone cope with the unusual and dangerous phenomena they are investigating.

It’s been twenty-two years since a mysterious burrito truck took off with Bajo’s parents, and he has dedicated his life to finding them since. In his relentless pursuit for answers, Bajo has picked up some genuine scientific skills (some would say at the expense of his social skillset), but unfortunately no leads on his parents.

After landing a job with PI firm Spatial and Extra-terrestrial Phenomena Investigations (SEPI), Bajo is amazed to discover that the Earth is populated with a bizarre array of aliens – you wouldn’t believe the amount of weird stuff that goes on right under our noses. SEPI specialise in alien cases and while they definitely aren’t winning any business awards, they do let him use their resources in his quest to find his parents.

At SEPI Bajo realises that missing parents may only be half of his problems – for starters, his boss Dan Driver (Mansoor Noor) is money-obsessed and has no PI experience whatsoever. The intel agent Violet (Charlotte Nicdao) has trouble containing her emotions, which is ironic seeing as her brain is contained in a fish tank. Then there are Bajo’s field agent partners – inane hipster Tosh (Reef Ireland) who prioritises styling over snooping, and amateur weapons enthusiast Amy (Kate Mylius), Dan’s teenage niece, who shoots first and then shoots again, usually skipping the questions part altogether.

Already kind of struggling to complete a mission without accidentally wiping out their mark or writing off the company car, the team also has to contend with the Illacks – a mysterious alien race who live in food trucks and abduct humans – who may have something to do with Bajo’s missing parents…

Consequently, most of their time is spent bickering and trying to deal with the growing set of problems they are doomed to perpetuate. These guys have turned ‘out of control’ into an art form – reminding us that when you mess with aliens, things can go horribly, horribly wrong.

Production details: Trip for Biscuits is an original comedy scifi series created by Dave Cartel, Timothy Powell and Steven O’Donnell. Head Writer and Director: Dave Cartel. Series Producer: Timothy Powell. Executive Producers: Colin South and ABC TV Children’s Chris Rose. Produced in association with Screen Australia and Film Victoria, Trip for Biscuits is a Robot Panther production for ABC Television.

Friday March 3rd on iview.

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  1. The trailer for this looks hilarious, even for a kids show. Intriguing how Steven is using his Bajo name for the character, but his lines and delivery in the trailer are very much what he did on Good Game anyways. Also good to see Wentworth’s Braden Holt (Reef Ireland) in there, too. I’ll be watching.

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