Hex launching screenPLAY online

New Seven project for former Good Gamers is about to be unleashed.

Former Good Game presenters Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen and Nich “Nichboy” Richardson will unveil their new gaming venture for Seven, screenPLAY on Thursday.

Promising ‘Games & eSports” screenPLAY is keeping its cards close to its chest, and launching on Facebook at 3pm AEST this Thursday.

A Seven website is also showing a holding page.

Earlier this year the departure of Bendixsen and Richardson led to ABC cancelling Good Game after 10 year run.

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      1. Sounds like proper use of a multichannel, I found the show on YouTube but when I tried to subscribe it stated it wasn’t available in my country.
        The thing on Thursday sounds like an announcement for the show, not so much the first episode.

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