Report: Good Game presenters joining rival show on Seven

Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen and Nich ‘Nichboy’ Richardson reportedly heading to Seven.

Good Game hosts Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen (pictured second from right) and Nich ‘Nichboy’ Richardson (pictured right) are joining a rival show on Seven, according to online reports.

ABC’s Director of Television, Richard Finlayson, wrote in a staff email, “When it was announced that two key members of our presenting team were heading off to join a new rival show, the Entertainment and Programming teams agreed we were best to go out on a high.”

Pop culture site Junkee reports the show is due on Seven but without further detail.

In his email to staff, Finlayson argued “when Good Game began in 2006, Facebook was less than two years old and YouTube just 12 months. It virtually stood alone as a video-based information source for gamers. While the show has remained strong, today it is one of myriad offers.”

Only last week ABC still had new episodes of the show in upcoming schedules.

On Instagram Stephanie Bendixsen said, “There are no words to describe how upsetting it is to share this news with you today. Good Game is the place I truly discovered who I was. Found strength and confidence in myself and what I loved to do. The incredible team I’ve worked with have been my family. The show has provided ten, incredible years of a love and passion for gaming, and I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this wonderful family for seven of them.

“Rest assured, there is a brilliant team still at the ABC who are ever-committed to making Spawn Point the best possible show it can be for gamers by gamers – for younger viewers on ABC ME.

“This whole journey has been SO special and in the last month incredibly emotional. I count myself lucky to retain such strong, life-long friendships with Bajo and everyone on the team.

“The future holds some pretty big changes for me, however I’m eternally grateful for every blissful experience both online and IRL that I’ve had in my seven years on the show. Thank you for watching and supporting myself and the team for all these years. It means more than you can ever know.
Hex out. ?”

Meanwhile kid-friendly Good Game: Spawn Point is continuing with Steven ‘Bajo’ O’Donnell remaining with the ABC.

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  1. If they are going to be reviewing games, consoles etc on their new show, I hope they can remain impartial. So many of these technology / lifestyle type shows on the commercial networks play more like advertorials than offering genuine news and reviews (Cybershack etc)

  2. Will Mr. Knox retroactively add Good Game to the ‘gone in 2016’ article (and remove Game of Thrones while he’s at it)?
    Curious about the possible other show on Seven – perhaps they’re reviving Control Freaks – it’d probably be a daytime show aired sometime on the weekend

  3. I can kind of understand the move, doing Good Game is a lot of work for a small amount of money, even though you would likely get free games, you would have to still remain very impartial. You cannot just wing it as gamers would see right through it and you would be toast, plus you have to play the games to review them, attend the games conventions and etc., so sinking a lot of your spare time into doing it. Yes it is something that the hosts enjoyed before hand, however it is a very full-time career and deserves a proper reward for the time put in.

    1. I agree completely, Johnny and cannot will not Nich and Steph one bit for exploring new career options. ABC shows like Good Game are often very much more of a labour of love than something talent can rely upon to pay the mortgage.
      Also, the new show will be on Seven Mate.

  4. Incidentally there’s a really nice interview with GG creator Janet Carr on Marc Fennel’s ‘Download This Show’ (available via the ABC website) talking about the shock cancellation.

  5. What…the…ummm…. I really didn’t expect this. I’d welcome it though. I just don’t see Seven as a good fit for them, but I really hope it works. I used to champion Bajo being on Good News Week, but I could now see him on Have You Been Paying Attention so maybe Ten might be a good option for him.

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