Top Gear 2017: trailer

Leaning heavily on Matt Le Blanc’s comedic skills, the new Top Gear trailer looks more promising than the previous series with Chris Evans.

Motoring journalists Chris Harris and Rory Reid step up to the plate with Le Blanc.

Top Gear hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid endure an uncomfortable BBC car insurance interview in the new promotional film for the upcoming series.

The 90 second film sees the hosts squirm through a set of uncomfortable questions from a severe risk assessor who is keen to know whether the trio have any prior motoring convictions, speeding offences – or whether they will be participating in any competitive driving. Their responses, which are economical with the truth, are interwoven with clips from the new series featuring a tuxedoed LeBlanc in the Aston Martin DB11 being cornered by police in Montenegro; Harris drifting the new Ferrari FXX K in Daytona; Reid crashing his Taxi in Kazakhstan; and LeBlanc and his Russian-built Avtoros Shaman coming to the rescue of a group of naked ramblers on the Isle of Man.

The promotional film ends with a late appearance by The Stig who scuppers all chances of a clean bill of health and safety for the team by arriving on fire.

Top Gear is coming soon to BBC Knowledge.


  1. I really enjoyed Matt last season, but found Chris to be a bit stiff and not natural. Rory i’m unsure about too, but happy to see how the three of them work together.

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