Airdate: American Gods

Upcoming US series American Gods sure packs some star power and bold concepts.

The Starz series created by Bryan Fuller (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Hannibal) and Michael Green (Kings, The River, Heroes) stars Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane and Emily Browning but the roll-call of names includes Pablo Schreiber, Crispin Glover, Gillian Anderson, Cloris Leachman, Orlando Jones, Kristin Chenoweth and Corbin Bernsen amongst others.

Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are writers and showrunners. David Slade (Hannibal, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) is directing the pilot and additional episodes.

Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, this will screen in Australia on Amazon Prime from May 1st.

The plot sees a war brewing between old and new gods: the traditional gods of mythological roots from around the world steadily losing believers to an upstart pantheon of gods reflecting society’s modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs. Its protagonist, Shadow Moon, is an ex-con who becomes bodyguard and traveling partner to Mr. Wednesday, a conman but in reality one of the older gods, on a cross-country mission to gather his forces in preparation to battle the new deities.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    The book was great and that’s an impressive roll (role) call. Noticed Peter Stormare too.

    I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up but… squeeeeee!

    • The book is fantastic, although the first 3rd is much better than the rest & is luckily where the first series ends. Gaiman got a bit too indulgent in the middle 3rd (i.e. Lakeside), and the last 3rd doesn’t really settle the premise of the rest of the book at all – unless you twist and take the whole book as being about the setting & themes & Americana, not the hero’s journey it initially reads as. It’ll be interesting to see how they deal with that.

      Luckily it seems S1 is the first 3rd, S2 will be a compression of the second 2/3, and any S3 will be wrapping up / non-novel stuff (there’s enough in existing short stories & other novels, plus obviously unfinished ideas, to make a good 3rd series).

      I just hope they get Cairo right. Best damn part of the book, and it’s only a dozen or so pages…

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