Travel Guides pips 800 Words

Married at First Sight scored another #1 win last night at 1.12m ahead of My Kitchen Rules on 1.05m. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was 662,000 rising to 746,000 for the elimination of Ash Pollard.

Travel Guides (615,000) lifted on last week to its best figure so far, while 800 Words fell to 594,000. NCIS  was in third place at 441,000.

Seven News and A Current Affair both won their slots.

Aside from its 7pm News, ABC was under 500,000 all evening.

Nine won the primary channel share by a bare 0.1%.

Seven network won with 30.2% then Nine 30.0%, TEN 19.35, ABC 13.4% and SBS 7.1%.

My Kitchen Rules was best for Seven with 1.05m then Seven News 979,000 / 935,000, Home and Away (670,000), 800 Words (594,000) and The Chase (536,000 / 341,000). Bones was 226,000 / 104,000.

Married at First Sight led for Nine with 1.12m then Nine News (931,000 / 922,000), A Current Affair (803,000), Travel Guides (615,000) and Hot Seat (450,000 / 239,000). Schwarzenegger: The Celebrity Apprentice was just 161,000.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was 662,000 rising to 746,000 for the elimination.  The Project drew 554,000 / 375,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 482,000, NCIS was 441,000 and NCIS: LA was 307,000.

ABC News (690,000), 7:30 (455,000), Brian Cox: Life of a Universe (366,000) and The Indian Dream Hotel On Tour (303,000) comprised ABC’s night. Project Lazarus was just 149,000.

On SBS it was Great Continental Railway Journeys (332,000), Insight (251,000), Dateline (196,000) and SBS World News (131,000).

ABC2’s Shaun the Sheep again topped multichannels with 223,000.

The Morning Show: 148,000 / 97,000
Today Extra: 110,000 / 63,000
Studio 10: 86,000 / 52,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 7 March 2017


  1. Love Travel Guides and the mix of people that give their opinion on the travel destinations, except the Frens, I switch channels when they are on. So please please please David, can you do me a huge favor and stop using their picture when talking about this show!? Thank you.

  2. Haven’t watched Travel Guides until last night – thought it was like Gogglebox for traveling. Never thought of Oman as a place to holiday, but so very expensive. Watched the 1st episode later in the night (Tokyo).

  3. Really love Travel Guides. Very funny at times , even more so than Gogglebox. Great choice of families/ couples, especially the two sisters from the bush.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    The trouble with Brian Cox: Life of a Universe is that these exact same questions of how did it start?, how will it end?, and are we alone?, have already been answered by the exact same person in two previous series which have been shown recently.

    I binged the last few eps of The Man in the High Castle and now I’ll have to wait until prob 2018 to watch S3. I’m willing to bet that in the intervening time ABC will show yet another series featuring Cox talking about the universe again.

  5. Thought the Brian Cox replacement for Catalyst was a dud – seen it all before on SBS documentaries, done better. Shutting down the Catalyst unit was the right call but more thought should have been given to the science & technology programming to replace it.
    C-, lazy effort

    Travel Guides is great, casting is very good although I find the hippies really annoying – a pity there is no elimination round. Interesting how no interaction between the groups is shown.

    • Am just not enjoying 800 Words as much as I used to. This Season is too focused on pairing everyone off in silly “on again/off again” romances at the expense of decent storylines.
      Not what it used to be but still some great characters and stunning scenery.

      • I think the 9pm start time is less favourable, when it was on later in the year it didn;t have the MKR delay and began at 8:30, so that is a definite factor. Seems to me like 7 like to kill drams with a late start. At least the day is the same!

        • Elizabeth H

          True true @nik c – last year the ratings were higher. I don’t know why reality shows can’t be 60 minutes. I personally don’t watch MKR and would find investing an a 90 minute show many nights a week as well and tuning into later offerings too much.

          I have noticed time shifted ratings for 800 Words good atm. We always watch it later (sometimes weeks later). The start time is too late and I hate so many ads!

      • Spot on, Angela. Everyone is paired off now, and the focus seems to be on how much nookie everyone is getting, instead of the wonderful whimsical episodes about Weld itself. I still want to watch it, but hoping we get back to normal soon.

        • Yes Fiona, the whimsical and quirky nature of 800 Words has been its biggest drawcard.
          It’s still there but overpowered by unnecessary pairing off of characters.
          Agree the later start now doesn’t help its cause either.

    • The Inspector

      I have never seen her before, but she was a really self centred over opinionated person. Her greed was becoming obvious to everyone in the camp, but she was too arrogant to care.

      I would prefer the competitors be allowed to vote rather than the public.

      Never ever been so happy to someone evicted. Cannot believe she was allowed to stay for so long.

      I know Kiera was meant to be the villian, but I admired her – she was forced to take part in some disgusting challenges – night after night. I think she certainly earned a break each day at the end of the challenges which she had to do to keep them fed.

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