The Living Room: April 21

Ex-Biggest Loser trainer Tiffany Hall swings by and Dr. Chris heads off to Hoi An in Vietnam.

Ex-Biggest Loser trainer Tiffany Hall swings by The Living Room tonight while Dr. Chris heads off to Hoi An in Vietnam.

Renovation with Barry Du Bois
Those lucky enough to own a big block of land in the right area could be sitting on a gold mine. Adelaide couple Leisha and Blair have outgrown their small home since having children and luckily, their little house is on a big block of land. Before they decide to sell and buy a bigger place, they have called in Barry to investigate the possibility of subdividing their land. Barry and moneyman Jason Cunningham join forces to investigate the financial pros and cons of moving versus sub-dividing.

Travel with Chris Brown
Chris is in Hoi An to explore Vietnam’s most beautiful city. With its ancient architecture, mysterious canals, nearby mountain temples and beautiful lantern festivals, Hoi An is a tourist hot spot and a place for all types of travellers. Also known for its amazing tailors, Chris is on a mission to find the perfect Logies outfit for himself, Miguel, Barry and Amanda. He heads to the local tailor store to create matching outfits for his friends’ back home, who need to look their best for Australian television’s night of nights.

Food with Miguel Maestre
Office lunches are not known for their delicious taste or variety. With only a kettle, microwave and sandwich press on offer, Miguel shows his colleagues at The Living Room how to make delicious ramen noodles using minimal ingredients and appliances. Say goodbye to boring sandwiches and pre-made soup and hello to fresh, delicious, easy to make lunches.

Health and well-being with Tiffiny Hall:
With the pressures of work, family, finance and relationships taking its toll on people in everyday life, it is often hard to find time to de-stress and unwind. Health guru Tiffiny Hall drops by The Living Room this week and visits a stressed out young family who are in need of help. She provides them with some simple tips and tricks on how to unwind on the go and in the home.

7:30pm Friday on TEN.

2 Responses

  1. Considering most Aussies can’t get into any sort of home, let alone one on a large block of land, does this Sub-Dividing story seem to appeal to an extremely narrow market ?
    Stick to mass market Baz, you can’t go wrong.
    The Living Room just doesn’t seem to get it and goes off on silly tangents with minimum appeal.

    1. It’s still selling aspiration, same as the rest. You’ll know things have gotten bad when they do stories on how to renovate your old refrigerator box on a shoestring budget (by using actual shoestrings), and how to borrow against that so you can negative gear yourself into upsizing into a hole in t’middle o’ road…

      (Apologies to any Sydney council’s whose Master Plans I may have inadvertently stepped on, and to everyone else in Australia for handing the Federal Government a draft Affordable Housing Initiative…)

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