Why were there no SBS presenters at the Logies?

No trophies and no presenters for SBS on TV's industry night.

Sunday’s Logie Awards was not much chop for SBS.

After last year nabbing its first Gold Logie nomination in Lee Lin Chin, this year it went home empty-handed. No wins in the public nor the jury-voted categories.

But there were also no SBS faces on stage presenting either.

For a night that celebrates the diversity and span of the Australian industry this was disappointing.

A Nine spokesperson said, “We did have discussions regarding two of SBS’s on-air talent presenting awards. Unfortunately, in the end, neither was available.”

It’s not clear which 2 were sought (presumably one was Lee Lin Chin?) but there were other SBS folk in the room including those from SBS News, The Feed, Deep Water, Destination Flavour, SBS PopAsia, Family Law, Mardi Gras, Eurovision and SBS Sport. RocKwiz‘s Brian Nankervis was also on warm-up duties for the night. Of course, presenters also need to be available for rehearsal, meaning availability extends beyond the Live broadcast.

Next year is the 60th for the Logies, which will hopefully include all networks and nods to the past ……without veterans turning it into car crash TV?

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  1. “…without veterans turning it into car crash TV?”

    Then it woudn’t be the Logies.

    I say the way to make a memorable Logies that is representative of its 60 year history is to invite the entire cast of every US daytime soap to be presenters, let them at the open bar from 4pm, and stand back. Then, next morning, complain about our breakfast TV nobodies being “a little tired and emotional” and how the poor elder statesman who’s obviously not well rambled on pointlessly…

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