Airdate: Private Eyes

Universal premieres 2015 Canadian comedy-drama Private Eyes, starring Jason Priestley as a former hockey player who teams up with PI Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson).

Inspired by the novel The Code by G.B. Joyce, this premiered in Canada a year ago, where a second season is due next week.

Private Eyes is a 10-episode procedural drama that follows ex-pro hockey player Matt Shade (Jason Priestley) who irrevocably changes his life when he decides to team up with fierce P.I. Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse. Through their new partnership, Shade is forced to examine who he has become and who he wants to be. Ongoing episodes find Shade and Angie investigating high-stakes crimes in the worlds of horse racing, fine dining, Toronto’s vibrant hip-hop scene, scandalous literature, magic clubs, and more.

Tuesday, May 30 at 8.30pm on Universal.

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