Eurovision 2017: France

Eurovision Final: France

Digital platforms named her one of the most promising emerging artists of 2017. Alma is a stellar, talented young woman, pianist, singer and songwriter with a unique and ethereal voice. She presents her new single Requiem which reveals her quest for never ending love, with poetic and dreamlike lyrics.
It was when Alma started to live abroad that she wrote her first songs while pursuing her studies. After getting her business school degree, she devoted herself to her lifelong passion: music. She moved to Paris and embarked on “the most beautiful journey of all”, that’s when she met Nazim (Khaled), the talented songwriter who also wrote J’ai CherchĂ© for Amir last year, with whom she wrote most of the songs on her first album which will be released on 5th May 2017.

This marks the last of the 2017 entries in this video series!

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