War on Everything would never have survived Twitter, says Craig Reucassel.

Can risky comedy survive in a world of social media?

Keo-produced War on Waste was an instant success for ABC this week, with Craig Reucassel putting his flair for pranks to good use.

But while we have War on Waste and The Checkout on screen, are there any plans for more pranks from The Chaser team?

Reucassel won’t rule out a return to their comedy brands, but says War on Everything would face new challenges if it were revived.

“I’m certainly not opposed to it and it may happen at some time. It’s just an issue of lining everyone up,” he told TV Tonight.

“But when it comes to a question of another War on Everything, do you leave it as what it was or do you try it again? I’m torn on that question. I’m very happy to go out and do stunts and hassle people again.

“But it’s also a question of whether it could survive in the ‘outrage economy’ we live in! It was hard enough pre-Twitter. Imagine it nowadays.

“They would be outraged by everything.”

The ABC show was infamously caught up in controversies including the APEC Summit prank, “The Eulogy Song,” and “Make a Realistic Wish Foundation” skit.

Meanwhile Giant Dwarf is also busy producing a series of The Letdown from ABC’s Comedy Showroom and Growing Up Gracefully with Hannah and Eliza Reilly.

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